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CNES - Israeli Space Agency VENUS

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Vegetation and Environment monitoring on a New Micro Satellite

Programme : CNES - Israeli Space Agency VENUS

Partenaires : Aix-Marseille Université – CNRS ESPACE UMR 7300, IRD Résiliences UMI

By 2016, the Venµs mission will offer a revisit period of 2 days and a 10 m spatial resolution over 100 sites. These features will allow the scientists to monitor the spatial and temporal variability of vegetation functioning with an unprecedented time sampling, thus allowing them new insights in land surface functioning. It is expected that this will lead for instance to major improvements to the process models and to the definition of new indicators for enhanced environmental policies, making them ready for operational uses with Sentinel-2 and other EO missions. The aim of Venµs is also to help prepare the specifications of the next generation of missions dedicated to land surface monitoring.

2015-2016 (début : novembre 2015)